A twentieth century modern Bengali poet and literary critic from Bangladesh. He is one of the major poets of Bangladesh belonging to the generation of 1960s who set a clear trend of modern poetry in Bangladesh along with such poets as Rafiq Azad, Asad Chowdhury, Mohammad Rafiq, Abdul Mannan Syed, Rabiul Hossain, Imrul Chowdhury and others.

His publications in Bengali include eight collections of poems apart from two collections of essays and a huge number of poems and articles published in various periodicals. He has been translated in English and Spanish.

A career bureaucrat, he retired in 2000 and since then is engaged in the corporate private sector and divides his time in World Scouting and literary and artistic pursuits.

The poems have been selected at random in order to put together a representative sample of my work. Representative or not, they do embody in them, the ambience and flavour of my time and locale. I am truly indebted to him for his excellent efforts as I am to those translators who considered the poems in the original Bengali worthy of their appreciation.

I am grateful to Sudeep Sen, a poet I greatly admire and an excellent editor himself, who gave his invaluable time to edit the interview, essay, and design the volume. He made suggestions on my otherwise not-so-readable poems to render them readable, especially for readers who are not necessarily familiar with the nuances of Bengali poetry.

I also appreciate, in all my humility, the endeavours of two critics, Fakrul Alam and Syed Manzoorul Islam, for their words on my work.

I hope that the fruits of their collective labour will prove to be interesting to the readers, not so much for the merit of my work, as for the quality of their performance.

Picture of Hayat Saif