A Unique Afternoon

How will you hold all the joys of this afternoon?
And how will you express this
in a language that is naive?
For none of us know how
this silent afternoon became such a moment of truth
As if rising from emptiness and
Descending from the center of time.
This afternoon landed on
an unceasing joy.

In your glance
Is the shadow of a dream.
Beyond perception there is yet another vision,
Shadow, rhyme, color - distant and near

It's because you are near me
That I am so light
As though our two bodies are
floating, weightless.
My glances search your eyes
and the taste of another existence,
Our voices are like silent words
and the brightness of the moon.
Our touch is like boundless exuberance
of an April storm.

And the rain that follows
is a symphony of joy,
As though love flows
from a part of the body
and then the strength of touch ends.
But what remains is its endless aroma.
What remains is your gaze on min,
Your lips on my lips.

And the final light of this scintillating afternoon
Becomes a bridge of light,
The luminous colors
of the two ends of a rainbow.