Ceaseless Meditation

For a long time with unbound bent eyes
With folded supplicating hands
Am ceaselessly meditating only you
Your nature in an amorphous assurance
Still gives me the language of rhymes

From darkness I move towards light
Your sharpened gait with its proud neck
Your majestic movement reflects a
Leading rhythmic measure

This language turns into painted poignant forms
At times songs suffuse into it
As if tunes surge like a deluge at the horizon
And at times gushes forth an old mnemonic river
The adolescent redolent shadows of nature
The image of the maiden turns into expression
In whose tinged lips
Heavenly words hummed.

At journey's end in this turning of the cattle trail
The unending language of your form
Flows like a soul song into passivity and love
In the mundane trappings of life
In the terrible tornadoes of summer
Even nature is ravaged without reason
And then your love blows like a cool wind
and brightens the sky
Suddenly the clouds pour
like love on the land
Even on the oppressed sandbanks of the Padma
Do I make an exit now in engrossed silence
Do I make a shadow in your heart
Where an intricate image is made vivid
Art radiates in the flickering form
Mingled rays of light turn into images and songs
And the immense darkness of the universe flares into light

Maybe that's worthwhile in the invisible streak
Where the magical dance of beauty remains beyond matter
Beyond the idea of absolute organic reality-
Is matter an expression of idealized strength
Or is it a form, which hosts perpetual energy
A place where universal hymns song
and tonal undulations
come swirling together

As streams go into the sea
As the sky and seascape go into the horizon
Which is visible in essence
But the void and beauty danced beyond sight

Such a unique sight I have never seen
In moving consciousness in the flowing eddies of memory
Exchange live O man O woman.
Don't corrupt this salutary soul for anything
Because you have never seen a consciousness
with such an intrinsic form.