Often when I hear your rhymed words,
I can touch your inner nature
Just through your words?

Quickly you gather the leaves of your words,
and together with them
the musical flower of your laughter,
and your bouncing words.
hold my hand
and take me to where I don't know.

Often I cannot hear your words,
But its pure sound reverberates in my ear
and eagerly I look at your exquisite face.
Your lovely lips from where come out
words as colorful as flowers.

Suddenly you look at the horizon and beyond,
And there on a fixed spot, your gaze settles.
I don't know where and what your eyes search
but I see you are looking at the horizon –
An intent image of joy.

And when you want something
I don't know what you really want
I don't grieve for that
For what you desire today
You'll surely forget tomorrow,
wanting something newer.

I will wait for you
Crossing the endings and all the borders -
A waiting that will never perhaps reach its end.