Light and Shade

When darkness falls
And night deepens, you are far away
I can no longer see you
But then distances disappear
All the objects lose their identity
And become one
My thought then embraces everything
Far and near

It seems that wherever you may be
I can still touch your body, its fragrance
Feel its pulsating life,
Then in the silent unity of darkness
My ecstasy flower as a flickering flame
Of desire in a dream
It seems as if nothing has disappeared in darkness
They have mingled themselves in it
It seems as if with the first break of dawn
Your lips, your eyes, your voice
Will find their objects-
Another voice, another sensibility-
The throb of another heart.
And yet the first light of day
Takes you away from me
And I can no longer touch you.

I can no longer remain in you line of sight
Because the light defines all the objects-
Only some fresh loneliness, some pains and
Some distractions remain