Man and Earth

All around one can witness
Many high-ranking and garrulous asses –
Occasionally worthy, but always affecting wisdom –
Here, these clamorous men live.
Yet in the blood-stained center of this small planet,
What a multiplicity of frightening
Relationship exist,
Stained and stung by mud sand-stone parasite,
Roots, branches, insects, and men,
Get hit by atomic explosion, reduced
To muddy heaps of flesh.
In all directions lie, scattered social contrarieties.
The center falls and there is a marked
Lack of cohesion,
For men are powerless in the grip
of mutual malice.
In marshes, briars, and untended fields
As though creeping out of a large dust-bin
Congregate all the world's noisome waste-
Those who propitiate the lords
With dissembling bows
Themselves use their fellow human-beings to
attain to affluence
A fake man of God, graves covered with
blazing red cloth
The waving green flag amid an epidemic or
scorched by a heat-wave.
And yet man is always in need of faith
Not so birds or animals.
Therefore one can hope one day faith reality
The visible and the invisible insects worms
mud and sand-stone
Will all co-mingle in an ultimate understanding
between man and earth
And from the blood-stained red earth
under the cosmic sky
Will emerge the bud of a huge
dazzling white water lily.