Someone Exists

Someone exists on the other end of this silence.
There exists someone beyond this immediate existence.
May be He is not exactly within sight.
                    Or maybe not even far away,
Remaining pretty close,
                    Throbbing near the throat's vein.
This is how one keeps on living, the heart,
Remaining in the depth of soul, unknown to others
                    Remains true to one's nature.

Light and shade continually play
All around the panoramic view
One can hear from our clean courtyard
The birds swaying in the tree-tops.
Deep in that ambience someone is alive
Maybe far away, and yet very close,
Frequenting our breath innumerable times
Someone is there on the brink
                    of our everyday existence,
Seems to dwell there, unknown to others
                    And seems to feel at home.
Our dual selves behind our quotidian life
Utterly unlike this life, someone remains,
                    Up at the antipodal zone

One who lives far away out of sight
still lives well within our sight.